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January 2010

Wow, another year has gone past. It seems like time just moves faster and faster. 2010 is naturally going to be an exciting year for South Africa, with the obvious, The Fifa World Cup. But it's the other things that get us excited, such as Gautrain and the new lanes on all the National routes around Johannesburg. All this is very exciting and we can't wait to see it working on a daily basis.

From everyone at Melon Videos we hope you guys had a great New Year and we look forward to working with our existing clients, as well as all new clients looking for Video Production in 2010. Check out our new partner, Red Dove Designs , they make hand made invitations for absolutely any functions.


August 2009

Coca Cola are launching one of their new products in South Africa. A Proudly African beverage from Zimbabwe called Mazoe. Melon Videos are editing a video that showcases the roll out of Mazoe into the South African market, as well as an interview with the man behind Mazoe. Any great product needs a person who believes in it as much as this guy does. To see this video please fill out a contact form as these videos are not for public domain.


June 2009

Coca Cola are once again busy getting ready for the 2009 Bottler Conference. Coca Cola South Africa has bottlers all over Africa and encourages BEE partners to invest into their Bottler Programmes. Bottlers that excel in sales, are rewarded greatly... everyone from the truck drivers, to the managers. Melon Videos will be editing some footage showcasing certain Bottlers around Africa leading up to the Conference.


May 2009

FNB have always believed in offering the best service to their clients and Melon Videos are here to make sure that everyone internally at FNB understands their policy of "Service that Shines" and "Passion in Action." The angle of these internal productions is to get the people at FNB talking to their fellow employees about "Service that Shines." All the employees will be filmed at selected branches and then a short production will be put together and used internally to encourage their staff to enforce these fundamental customer engagement rules. These videos are internal and therefore cannot be posted on public domains but please fill in a contact form if you wish to see these videos.


April 2009

Nedbank have a strong relationship with "Sports for Physically Disabled" and its time for 2009's Nedbank Champs. Melon Videos have been commissioned to create a short video for the sportsmen and women getting them excited for this years "Champs" leading up to the Paralympics in London. The video mainly consists of graphics and stills, check it out here.


March 2009

Since November last year, when we did the video for Zebra & Giraffe, the band has grown at a rapid rate. They have decided to put together a 'deluxe edition' of their debut album Collected Memories. The double disc will contain a DVD that has bonus material on, including the first 3 videos and a 'behind the scenes' doccie giving their audience a little more insight into the band. Check out the teaser here.

We have also been working on this years "Coke Zero Fest." Zebra & Giraffe and other South African bands will be supporting the likes of Panic at The Disco, Snow Patrol and Oasis. Coke Zero have been doing promotions all over the country leading up to this gig and Melon Videos have been compiling synopsis's of their re-launch and roll out into the markets.


February 2009

Were once again in the edit suites working on a Nedbank Cup AV for HKLM. It's a lot of fun taking this great footage from the crowds at the games and making it our own. It really looks like the games are a lot of fun, and people are starting to get really stoked on the 2010 World Cup.


November 2008.

We finally got out of the edit suites and into the studio, this time for something really exciting. Melon Videos are filming a music video for the up and coming alternative/electro band Zebra & Giraffe. We have commissioned Marcus Maschwitz to shoot the video. Zebra & Giraffe is a band that really knows what they want, so were going to work closely with them on this one, and make sure we both get the best results.

For a first time ever in South Africa, we will be shooting the video on a digital stills camera, at Full HD resolution. The Nikon D3 shoots at a frame rate of 10 fps, as opposed to HD video at 25 fps. So the video is going look very slick, but still have the elements of a real old film camera feel. Check out the press release and the final video (make sure to stream in HD quality for best experience).


August 2008

Its been a while since there was some 'news' over here, so I thought I'd quickly give you an update. We have basically still been hiding in the corners of the edit suites editing like crazy to get projects out. Probably the most fun for us, was working on the Nedbank Cup footage through their brand agent HKLM. HKLM really do a great job of making sure Nedbank always is represented, branded and marketed in the best way. We compiled videos for presentations, broadcast as well as internal.


May 2008

We have been so busy over the last while it's been super motivating to keep on working. We have mainly been in the edit suites for a couple of weeks now working closely with other companies on all things Coca Cola. Coca-Cola is a proud sponsor of the Fifa World Cup and as time draws near, they are hosting all kinds of events nationwide. They are also the sponsors of the South African Rock Festival called Coke Fest, which happened over a month ago. It was a lot of footage to edit, but it was a lot of fun seeing how much fun people had at these gigs in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


January 2008

Melon Videos is teaming up with Metropolitan Life to put together an awesome "Night of the Stars" production that will follow a Disney theme. Once a year, Metropolitan, awards and rewards their top brokers who have excelled in sales over the last year. For 2008 they had chosen the Disney Theme, and it really was a "Night of the Stars"

Melon Videos was commissioned to do all the visuals for the event which was held at The Venue in Melrose Arch, as well as sourcing and editing the funny Disney clips which were used as 'character portrayals' for the award winners. We also had 3 professional photographers, shooting the official award photos, as well as 'paparazzi style' photographers making The Stars feel a little extra special. The event was filmed on 3 Panasonic P2 HD cameras: 1 Static, 1 Jib and a Close. The shots were mixed live and projected on the large display, as well as plasma's all around The Venue. All of the audio for this production was handled by us as well, using the studios of Openroom Productions.

Not only did we take care of all things digital, we also got our good friends at Red Dove Designs to design and print the Menu's, and Name-Placing, while the invites were delivered in a CD Business Card format to all the guests.


26 November 2007

Welcome to the new online home of melonvideos. melonvideos is a new sub company of Melon Graphics South Africa and has been created to ensure that the standard of our video work continues to improve. We now have a good team that are dedicated to this side of the company and I feel you will see big things from melonvideos in the near future.

The last two months have seen us travelling between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Knysna for projects that we were working on. It has been really interesting and the results have been really rewarding, not only for the clients involved but for the melonvideos team.

sunset and cloudy sky  in lakeside in the western capeguinea fowl running free at the top of signal hill in cape towntable mountain and the city of cape town photographed from the top of signal hill

During this time we worked on a family video that was produced in the tightest deadline and taken to Australia to be viewed at a wedding and we have footage of the tears that it created. This was definitely one of the funnest jobs I have worked on.

Other than that, this site will be updated a lot in the next few weeks so please keep checking back for progress. I really see big things happening in the near future and this is due to the fact that the team I am working with is amazing and in a league of their own.

I hope you are all well and thank you for the support we've received thus far. I wish you all the best for the upcoming festive season and trust that you will be safe during this time.

Until the New Year, keep well, Marcus Maschwitz

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